Gratitude Sound Capsule

Float in Frequency

Thursday November 28th, 2019

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Suspend from the ceiling in a cocoon of fabric to enhance your sound bath experience to the fullest - float away on a healing cloud of sound.

Encapsulate yourself in the vibration of the crystal singing bowls, Chakra Overtone Drum, COD Harp, Tingshas, and chimes.
Align your chakras, clear negativity and ground your energy with sound & the power of meditation... Release energy that is no longer serving you.

Personal Investment:

Suspended: $33 

Grounded: $22

Pre-Registration Advised (Cocoons tend to sale out)

• Cocoons are limited to 12 participants and requires a 10 min. early arrival for entering and exiting.
Harrison AntiGravity® Hammocks can hold 1000 lbs.  Strong enough for a baby elephant!

emotion is energy in motion.png


Energy in motion

Energy Medicine + Yoga Workshop



10am -12pm

Gift yourself an experience that will help you remain calm during the stressful situations we may encounter in our daily lives. 

Right in time for the holidays!


Do you deal with intense stress daily? Give your energy away to others and feel depleted at the end of the day?

Are you a caregiver, nurse, healer, or an empath? 

If you answered yes, this workshop is for you!


Donna and Priscilla have joined forces bringing to you a very unique workshop fusing our favorite learnings together. Allowing time and space for those that give, time to replenish and gain new tools. 


Infusing Energy Medicine and Yoga together. Donna + Priscilla will be guiding participants to utilize Energy Medicine techniques along with yoga, guided meditation and sound healing.
We will use EM Holds while resting in the hammocks. Participants will float away in a cocoon of silk. Taking time to rest and receive vibrational healing as the Chakra Overtone drum is used to balance the Chakras (wheels of energy in the body).


These workshops will be focusing on the element we are currently in. 


Focus for November = Metal


Dedicating 2 hours for self care. 

  • Healing circle + Cacao ceremony. Connecting and setting intention. 

  • Learn about YOU + the 5 Elements

  • Gentle EM Yoga focusing on the element of Metal

  • Cocoon holds + Guided meditation + Sound Healing 

  • Time for Journaling, questions, and discussion

AntiGravity® Harrison Hammocks (Hammocks hold 1000+ lbs)

No Experience necessary! 

All Mats and props will  be provided. 

Bring a journal and writing utensil. 

Change your energy - Change your life

About Eden Energy Medicine
Eden Energy Medicine is a non invasive method of working directly with the body’s energy systems to help create health and wellness.

It is both a compliment to more traditional medical modalities and a complete self contained system for self help and self care.

In energy medicine the energy is both the medicine and the patient. energy interventions are used to help balance energies.

Eden Energy medicine teaches specific techniques that can be used to activate the body’s natural healing abilities. This can help to restore vital energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance.

Special guest Donna Zontok from Body Balanced Energy Medicine.
Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner
Certified Equine Natural Movement Therapist
Certified Level 1 Reiki Practitioner
Donna found her passion for Energy Medicine through her own personal experience. Needing healing herself and unhappy with her diagnosis with Western Medicine, she decided to take a different path that would ultimately be the catalyst for her Energy Medicine career.
Donna’s experience and the results were so positive she felt compelled to learn the work herself and bring this powerful healing modality to more people.

Donna has a love of nature and animals which lead her to expand her energy work into the animal realm.

Donna is Certified in Equine natural Movement therapy, and Equine massage therapy as well.

Restore and Let Go no date.png

Restore & Let Go

Aerial Yoga + Sound Healing



All Levels welcome

In this workshop we will take 2 Full hours exploring Aerial Yoga & Restorative Aerial Yoga sequences.
Guided Meditations and breathe exploration along with Sound Healing and doTERRA Essential oils.

Dive deep. Relax into postures allowing for emotional releases and creating space in the body and mind.
Disconnect from the virtual reality of our daily lives and reconnect Body, mind and spirit.

Personal Investment: $44

711 St Helens Ave Suite 103, Tacoma WA | (206) 455-5611 |