Private Services

Private AntiGravity® Sessions

These sessions are geared towards utilizing the hammocks to find strength and flexibility. Classes are designed to meet the needs of your party. 

We can explore inversions, decompression and movement.


AntiGravit®  INTRO - Individual Session


(one time only)


AntiGravity® Private Individual Session

$80 (1hr)

+$30 each additional person

AntiGravity® Private Group  (11 Max ) 

$200 (1hr)

+$50 - Each additional Hour


Floating Sound Bath


Want to add  sound healing to your flight?

Priscilla can include Crystal Singing Bowls and the Chakra overtone Drum / Harp to enhance your flight. 

Floating Sound Healing (Individual)

$125 (1hr)

Floating Sound Healing (Couple) 

$175 (1hr)

Floating Sound Bath

Group (up to 12 participants) 

$250 (1 hr)

+$50 - Each additional Hour

1 on 1 

Drum Therapy


Explore the Chakra Overtone Drum

Through a series of exercises on the COD we can release ourselves from all thoughts and beliefs about our own musical abilities and allow a different music to come forth. This is a state of “intuitive playing” and it allows progress and change in different aspects of our life.

This process promotes a release in true personal creativity and is an exceptional experience.

$65 (Hour)

Contact Priscilla to Request a specific date / time for your private services


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